Personal appointments for silhouettes, at museums

This holiday season, combine several elegant, traditional activities:

  1. Visit an intimate, historic museum, decorated for the holidays
  2. Have a personal appointment, the time scheduled just for you
  3. Sit in-person for an exquisite silhouette portrait

These special experiences can be fulfilled with just one special activity: having your silhouette created at a museum. This 2011 holiday season, your personal appointment can be filled at the historic Homewood Museum – in equally historic Baltimore, Maryland, a city dating back to its roots in 1706.


Your silhouette portrait appointment is available on December 3, 2011, between the hours of 12pm-4pm. (See below on scheduling: these hours have been updated from a previous posting). The silhouette will be created on the spot – without drawing, tracing, throwing shadows, or any machine. This silhouette will be cut with only scissors in the traditional method: created freehand. This portrait experience is wonderful for children or adults, even babies and toddlers can be portraited. Imagine this spectacular elegant setting for your Colonial-, Regency-, or Victorian-style portrait – you too will feel like you have stepped into the sands of a timepiece.

Your profile will be artist-created, full of personality. You get to meet the artist, chat, and even learn about the amazing history of this fascinating portrait form that lived in the homes and hearts of our American ancestors. these silhouette profiles will add an element of chic beauty to your holiday gifts – to your loved ones or even to yourself.  These profiles can become heirlooms in the blink of your well-planning eye.

The silhouette fee for this event is $26 for 2 copies of each sitter’s silhouette portrait. Additional copies are available for $10 more. Silhouettes were traditionally inexpensive portraits, so these prices are perfectly historical – and can fit any budget, perfect if you are gifting for yourself or bringing family for their own portraits. Your appointment will even have enough time to consider your interest in one of the rare frames and mats offered (for additional cost), or to dream about frames that you already might have.


Your silhouette portrait will be created amongst authentic-era or authentic family furnishings of the Charles Carroll family – that is, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, one of Maryland’s most well-known signers of the Declaration of Independence. This grand old family traces its roots back to Ireland, and was one of the prominent families to settle the state of Maryland. As a grand family, it eventually grew to become one of the most wealthiest  and influential families in the entire Colonies. Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the third-generation, enjoyed great popularity and power in the Continental Congress and in the fight for independence from Great Britain.

The Homewood estate was a gift from Charles Carroll to his son, also named Charles, in 1800. This “country home”, while currently located in the city of Baltimore, was at the time in the distance of the port town. The new federal styling created a trim, delicate home that was completed in 1809. The cost for building was said to be 4 times the original budgeted cost: $40,000, a whopping sum at that time. Alas, the story follows that Charles the son enjoyed his drink (and possibly a bad attitude) far too greatly – it is said that the angry father Charles encouraged his daughter-in-law to leave the younger Charles as to save herself pain and grief. This juicy gossip story is a fascinating tale told by the docents at the museum, and brings to mind that even our founding fathers had real, sometimes unsavory, lives to endure. Homewood was eventually given to the Johns Hopkins University to help create the grounds of its world-renown university.


Homewood mansion museum is taking silhouette appointments for December 3 at 410-516-5589, or via email to Homewood Museum.
Please visit the calendar in this link to learn more about the  museum, its location at Johns Hopkins University, and its many other exciting holiday festivities. Your museum visit is free with your silhouette portrait, and you can also shop in the charming gift shop for books and gifts centered around history and Baltimore.

Can’t commit to a scheduled time?
Visit the museum during the same day to wait for an available opening in the schedule. Enjoy the museum visit and indulge in the same tasteful, festive environment.

Can’t get to Homewood for this special appointment day?
You have another opportunity for a historic museum visit, at Hampton Mansion (National Historic Site) in Towson MD, for its Yuletide celebration on December 9, 6;30-8:30pm. The event (and the silhouette portraiture) is open-house style, without specific appointments. See the silhouette schedule for the link to the event.