Silhouettes at your event

Are you an enthusiast of expert guest attention, yet done at a fast pace?

Perhaps having a silhouettist at your event is a perfect solution. You would be bringing a unique skill to hundreds or thousands of people -your guests and everyone they tell- who may have thought this art was lost forever:

Here are some compelling reasons why silhouettes may be the best choice for your event: “Why Silhouettes?”

Event Producers can imagine:

  • The joy of a guest at a corporate event, who takes home her miniature portrait in a keepsake card.
  • The visitor to a museum, excited to learn about history through “being part of history” herself.
  • A seasonal festivity, celebrating the holidays Victorian-style with keepsake silhouettes.
  • The new portrait tradition of a family who can create a unique set of family silhouette portraits.
  • This traditional folk skill, brought to interactive portraiture – at a local, regional, or national festivity.
  • A fascinating “traffic stopper” at trade shows, which cause attendees to pause at a sponsoring booth; pausing is a necessity at hectic trade shows.
  • An interactive “demonstration”, “art” or “craft” at Early American craft shows
  • An alternative to caricatures at community events
  • Custom silhouettes as elegant favors at a social gathering

These are just a few of the creative possibilities for silhouettes at events.
What more ideas can you devise for your own events?

Something to take home:

Far more interesting than caricature drawings and much faster: silhouettes can be cut and prepared in 5 minutes or less. The guests are charmed not only by their experience of having their portrait created, but they also have a keepsake of the experience to share with family and friends. Mothers and history buffs alike are especially excited by the possibility of having silhouettes of children (and loved ones) hanging on the wall for many years to come.

Stepping into history:

Silhouettes are an excellent time-appropriate addition to a period-themed event, or to add a charming touch to a modern event. A guest can feel the honor of having a portrait made (such a rare thing in today’s society!) and, in so doing, feel what it was like to ‘step back in time’. It is a very special feeling to sit for a portrait. The guest’s final silhouette portrait is the reminder of this time-journey, and a beautiful memento of the event at which the silhouette was made.


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